Cebit Bilisim Eurasia

ALTEC SOFTWARE, the subsidiary company of the ALTEC Group participated in Cebit Bilisim Eurasia, the most important trade show for ICT industry in the Eurasian region, which was held from 29 November to 2 December 2012 in Istanbul. The Cebit Bilisim Eurasia is a crossroad where top-ranking technology companies meet with business activity in Eurasia (Turkey, Southeastern Europe, and Black Sea countries), Europe, Middle East, Far East and the USA.

The Cebit Bilisim Eurasia attracted 1.078 companies and organizations from 17 countries around the world; ALTEC SOFTWARE was the sole Greek participant which reveals both its pioneer and innovative role as an internationally oriented company.

Within the framework of the Cebit Bilisim trade show, ALTEC SOFTWARE presented ATLANTIS E.R.P., the top-ranking software with thousands of successful installations in the Greek market and hundreds of them in 3 Balkan countries (Romania, Bulgaria, and Albania).

Taking  part in this trade show, ALTEC SOFTWARE aims at penetrating into the emerging and fast evolving markets in Eurasia region, and particularly the Turkish one. ATLANTIS E.R.P. is mature enough to correspond and fully cover the needs of such markets. At the present stage, an effort is made through exploratory contacts to establish business and commercial partnerships for its promotion and support.