MiniScan has been chosen by Chatzivassiliou Company for order-taking at Mostra Rota Gift Show 2016

MiniSCAN inventory management application by DIGICOM has been chosen by Chatzivassiliou Odysseas Company, a leading figure with a 30-year experience in the field of tourist souvenirs.
Chatzivassiliou Company, during the Mostra Rota 2016 Gift Show, used MiniSCAN application in such a way that its employees would take orders using 20PDAs at the same time, through CAPITAL ERP application.
MiniSCAN application has been developed by DIGICOM Company, in collaboration with ALTEC SOFTWARE R&D department, and supports via barcode scanning technology the inventory processes. It is a Utility/Add-On application software for ATLANTIS E.R.P. and CAPITAL E.R.P. software.  
High-credibility, low cost, easy-to-install and operate without requiring any particular training, are MiniScan application’s fundamental advantages.