Business Intelligence

Success in a modern and competitive business environment requires comprehensive information. On a daily basis, organizations and enterprises generate data and need easy and flexible tools to transform them into comprehensive information in order to monitor and control their current and future activities.

QlikView is an integrated environment for Business Intelligence application development, based on the "In-Memory-Analysis" the most innovative technology, and includes:

  • Connection mechanism to multiple data sources (Databases, Text, Excel, XML, Websites, etc.) through wizards.
  • E.T.L. - Extraction Transformation Loading Tool for recalling, formatting and uploading data. 
  • Powerful scripting language including more than 200 ready-made functions for easy data management.
  • Objects creation (bar charts, histograms, scatter charts, tables, references, etc.) via user-friendly wizards.
  • VBScript and JavaScript support for even more capabilities. 
  • System-defined security levels for classifying information.

QlikView helps users align with company's vision and strategy, simplifying the planning process, by setting goals and monitoring key business indicators through advanced presentation capabilities such as dashboards, scorecards, analytics, and alerting.