Atlantis H.R.M.

Atlantis H.R.M. is an easy-to use and productive tool for personnel management. It provides immediate access to necessary information for business management and development and provides the conditions for sustainable development and increases the productivity of human resources. It offers the user a quite friendly interface and is extremely practical in solving problems of all kinds, from everyday issues to the most complex payroll problems.

It is an open architecture system that incorporates a complete database including history record for each employee. For example, employees position in the enterprise (organization chart), description of duties and responsibilities (job description), family members info, medical records, studies, seminars, special knowledge and skills, prior work experience, etc. In addition to the aforementioned, limitless capabilities are provided for setting additional information both in a static and dynamic format.

Full monitoring of human resources development and job allocation within the company is achieved by combining information of a recruitment system and using a flexible system of personnel evaluation.