Accounting Suite II

Integrated system management for accounting offices

The new series of our popular xLine applications in accounting management, is now available to market through ALTEC’s Dealers Network.

Atlantis Entry Accounting Suite inludes applications such as Atlantis Entry ACCOUNTING, Atlantis Entry INCOME - EXPENSES, Atlantis Entry PAYROLL. All applications have the features of the ROADS technology platform, upon which successful applications and ERPs like ATLANTIS and Atlantis Entry have been based and developed.

The new applications of Atlantis Entry Accounting Suite utilize ALTEC’s long-standing experience in developing administrative accounting tools since thousands of applications have been already installed.

The applications offer a modern, friendly, graphical interface while exploiting all the capabilities provided by new technology, such as using standard database (MSQL Server, Oracle), prompt distribution of new versions (Live Update), etc.

Pioneering tools offer the capability of inserting images from printed matter and printing those including data from application.

Moreover, Atlantis Entrys accounting applications provide a wide range of solutions regarding special issues’ management, such as VAT periodic statement at INCOME-EXPENSES, which has been designed in a way that offers the users the capability to enter total data and print the statement in case they don’t have detail entries. Another new option is the easy-to-use and flexible incorporation of collective employment agreements in payroll so as to be automatically updated whenever data are modified.

ALTEC provides for applications’ legitimate operation by constantly enriching and refreshing the relative data and printed materials. Thus, customers are offered live updates and can quickly and easily monitor all changes resulting from changes in legislation.