Atlantis Payroll

Technologically advanced payroll application

Payroll and employee data management is a critical process that is often proved to be very demanding and time consuming. Taking into account the current needs of Greek businesses and utilizing many years of experience in payroll application development, whilst being extremely user-friendly and accurate as to result, ALTEC has created ATLANTIS Payroll.

ATLANTIS Payroll is a powerful tool for calculating and issuing payroll for enterprises and accounting - tax offices of any size. It is developed in a graphical interface and exploits the capabilities of relational databases (RDBMS). Moreover, it can be directly connected to ATLANTIS ERP as a unified solution.

ATLANTIS Payroll is highly flexible and easily adjustable to any business requirements and tax modifications. Specifically, ATLANTIS Payroll incorporates many features and functional specifications that ensure:

  • Flexibility

    Management of insurance funds, special allowances, collective agreements, spreadsheets using functions.

  • History Records

    Full history records which are ensured by defining the valid period of new or modified data.

  • Automation

    ATLANTIS Payroll allows for fast and automated job execution which is related to the calculation and issue of payroll. With ATLANTIS Payroll you can run automated and fast all work related to the payroll calculation and issuing. ALTEC provides data automatic update / upgrade through e-services regarding funds, collective agreements that affect payroll calculation.

  • Comprehensive information

    The data, which are collected through friendly and flexible processes and automations, are combined and offered as business information through both print ready projections and powerful tools in order to create reports and views.