Atlantis II Retail

Comprehensive system for intensive retail management

Atlantis II Retail information system is a comprehensive application which is based on Atlantis ERP ROADS technology. It targets all management and operational needs of intensive retail department stores and chain stores.

Being in constant on-line communication with Atlantis ERP back-office system, it manages a vast volume of data with reliability and speed and is adapted to any special requirements with flexibility, contributing in significant improvement of services’ quality provided by the department stores and chain stores to their customers.

Atlantis II Retail upgrades all daily operations of a store and ensures maximum business benefits of the investment.

Indicatively, Atlantis II Retail provides the following advantages:

  • Easy sales process with fast customer service
  • Safe sales process to avoid mistakes that damage your business
  • Supervision and control operation of the store in real time environment
  • Automatic stock replenishment
  • Design of modern marketing (wedding lists, gift certificates, etc.)
  • Monitoring of customers buying habits for any period of time
  • Statistical reports to management by using tools for MIS OLAP and data processing