Capital - Services

Information technology solution for service provision companies and freelancers.

CAPITAL Services is a specially designed combination of CAPITAL 4 modules, which covers in the best way possible, the provisions of law 3842/2010 for issuing receipts by freelancers.

ALTEC SOFTWARE has designed this new application with two main objectives:

  • To cover all provisions of law related to self-employed professionals, easily, quickly and inexpensively,
  • To constitute the ultimate tool to organize all activities, not just the issue of documents.

CAPITAL Services is a complete program that includes:

Services, Customers, Service Provision Documents, Collections, Appointments, Documents Printing Forms, Financial and Statistical Reports, Report Level 1.

Capital Services features

  •  It offers a pioneer and manageable user interface that focuses on functionality and speed of performance.
  •  It incorporates a standard model of optimum customization which allows for direct use of application within a few minutes.
  •  It covers both financial management and tasks and appointments organization.
  •  It provides constant communication and support through innovative services (e-Services, e-Support, Live Update) and an    advanced help wizard.
  •  It is continuously developed and improved alongside with your business.
  •  It captures all of the information collected, with all the modern ways of printing (MS Excel, MS Word, PDF, etc).
  •  It is supported by   fully trained IT advisors and the largest dealers’ network in Greece.
  •  It incorporates all the significant elements which made CAPITAL application the most popular IT tool in the Greek market.