Atlantis II - Auto

ATLANTIS ERP - Auto is an integrated information system, fully incorporated into ATLANTIS ERP for managing vertical units, trading and servicing new / used vehicles.

It has been given great attention to detail and data cross correlation both during car sales and service.

The sale cycle of new cars is detailed recorded and provides information regarding the model, exterior color, options, trims etc.

Atlantis II - Auto provides detailed recording of prospective customers’ visits at exhibition centers regarding both simple and fleet sales, monitoring per salesman, branch, model, progress phase etc.

The interest of potential customers to a particular car model can easily be converted to an offer and hence to a customer order. The automated funding proposal system facilitates further the sales process.

Based on data such as customer orders, sales targets per dealer, ordered/booked cars and current stock by model, a purchase order proposal is automatically generated to the car importing company.

Particular attention is given to the recording of used cars, including all details that characterize each car separately. For each car, a special file is kept according to the assessor's report and the factors taken into account along with the price offered.

Atlantis II - Auto is integrated with a powerful garage management system. A detailed record of all appointments is kept having the potential of going back on previous visits for each car.

The cost and time required to implement any job is automatically calculated using a combination of analytical scales and working time models.

The repairs scheduling is suggested by a special program (planner) which combines standard implementation times and technicians’ availability.

The warranties monitoring subsystem allows for automatic generation of warranty orders directly from cards and repair orders.

The monitoring of spare parts (orders, purchases, sales, pledges, etc.) is performed through full incorporation of ATLANTIS ERP inventory subsystem.