Know-how, Research & Development

ALTEC SOFTWARE’s significant know-how regarding up-to-date Information Technologies in line with the achieved rates of utilization by the Research & Development Departments enables its placement amongst the pioneers of the European Software Industry.

ALTEC SOFTWARE’s most profound competitive advantage concerns the excellence in the added value, not only in its applications, but also in the underlying infrastructure technologies (ROADS technology - Reusable Objects Applications Development System).

This way, ALTEC SOFTWARE succeeds in delivering technologically optimized applications with matchless performances in speed, security and adaptability according to the particular organizational needs of each customer.

ALTEC SOFTWARE’s application suites provide connectivity with external data sources (e.g. cash registers, control and automation equipment, barcode readers, third-party software) and make use of every innovative technology for data and information exchange.

Long-term collaboration with internationally established IT enterprises (Microsoft, Oracle, Embarcadero Technologies (Delphi), Qliktech) enables the proactive assessment of new technologies and their incorporation into company’s productive process in the most efficient way.

Continuous monitoring of the latest technology developments has enabled ALTEC SOFTWARE to provide software solutions:

  • In different operating systems
  • In multiple Databases

R.O.A.D.S. Technology

ALTEC SOFTWARE’s ERP systems are based on R.O.A.D.S. (Reusable Objects for Application Development Systems) pioneer technology. R.O.A.D.S. technology constitutes a development framework of multi-level Client/Server applications and consists of:

  • A number of self-ruling Business Objects
  • A communication system between Business Objects (API) based on messaging
  • A model methodology of Objects combination to develop size-independent and sophisticated applications.

Applications based on R.O.A.D.S. technology constitute an operational combination of different logic objects combined in such way so as to compose an integrated entity.

The use of R.O.A.D.S technology provides:

  •  Applications rapid development without exceeding cost, time and resources limits
  •  Fully-tailored applications to meet customer’s special requirements
  •  Utilization of any integrated development environment (Delphi, Visual Basic etc).
  •  Client / Server, multi-tier open architecture system
  •  Database independence
  •  Data access by using any third-party peripheral software
  •  High-level performance of applications (great speed, high credibility)
  •  Applications smooth installation and maintenance.