UN.I.S. (Unified Insurance Software)

In the present competitive environment with new regulations, increasing requirements on behalf of the insured parties, dealers and reinsurers, the insurance companies need flexible systems which will excel in competition, provide qualitative services, cut down operating expenses and expand themselves into new markets.

Acknowledging the business challenges in the Ιnsurance Μarket and wishing to contribute into a successful course of the insurance field through reliable IT solutions, ALTEC has developed an insurance management software, UN.I.S (Unified Insurance Software).

UN.I.S. (Unified Insurance Software) is ALTEC’s industry solution which responds in the best way to the above considerations, completely covering the IT needs of Insurance companies, releasing them from the constraints of old-fashioned software systems. Complete, fast, user-friendly and flexible, UN.I.S contributes substantially to the insurance business capability to meet the increasing demands of the modern business environment.

UN.I.S. advantages:

  • A thorough ΙΤ system in a single platform, with uniform procedures, which fully covers all fields of Life and General Insurance and all their particularities.
  • Multi-lingual and multi-currency environment to meet the requirements of modern companies that perform their business activities in the wider economic area of the European Union and beyond.
  • Full coverage on all activities of each branch. Offers, insurance claims, underwriting, pricing, contracting, versions, updates, endorsements, cancellations, financial transactions, management / collections / uncollected, reinsurance management and claims management are processes where their interaction is managed with complete and perfect order.
  • Greater customer loyalty and partner availability providing excellent support services, utilizing a system that provides detail, consistent and real-time information.
  • High ROI (return of investment), by absorbing more production, upgrade of services, lower operating costs, distribution costs, support and education.
  • A perfect adjustment to the data system of the insurance company.
  • Featuring sophisticated IT integration to business rules, by following structured business rules that allow the insurance company to manage its exposure to risk effectively and optimize its internal processes.
  • It provides rapid reaction to competition, new business initiatives; it complies with the EU legislation (Solvency II) and the growing requirements of reinsurers.
  • It increases sales by optimizing up & cross selling techniques. Applicability of specific marketing techniques to identify 'low risk' clients, while grouping them into specific categories for promotion, giving effective penetration of new products to market and performance analysis of production networks. Effective marketing and services through alternative channels (internet).
  • Totally customer-centric system. Unified and comprehensive picture of all those involved with the insurance company, grouping and correlating all the information so as to reduce time-consuming searches.
  • Ability to view full and unified customer report in less time and with less cost than developing any CRM system. Comprehensive picture of the contracts, losses of financial obligations, etc. with a single click.
  • Optimizing management and reserve loss estimates rationalization and compensation, identifying 'high risk' customers or any frauds. Better service and quick settlement announcements.
  • Automated production of all reports of insurance companies (contracts, certificates, newsletters, letters, certificates etc.)
  • Access to the system by everyone involved with the insurance company, depending on the rights and limits of jurisdiction determined by the company.
  •  Ability to create different custom user interfaces, according to skills and products which one is expected to promote, along with the creation of thin clients (Internet) gives UN.IS the opportunity to "be presented" in a different way depending on the users to whom it is addressed.

ALTEC services with emphasis on outcome

In ALTEC we believe that not only the best IT solution is what is needed for an insurance company but also the best provider of IT services.

UN.I.S. provides detail, consistent and real-time information. ALTEC’s ISO / ESA certified procedures, its successful course and satisfied customers in the insurance field create the best combination for perfect results of high-performance and fast payback investment.

Including always the latest technology advancements ALTEC’s software, provides unlimited customization capabilities and intervention by the computerization of the Insurance Company. Our approach combines all the advantages of an in house computer and a custom application.

With a wide range of support services (counseling, education, telephone and on-site support), as well as constant technological upgrading, ALTEC gives Insurance businesses the confidence that they will work with business consultants who understand and can respond to their needs and that their investment will continue to be profitable in the long term.