Insurance Brokerage Software

The most comprehensive Insurance Brokerage application

Brokerage and insurance agency is a fast growing business field both in Greece and abroad. Acknowledging the increasingly competitive insurance market, ALTEC has introduced and applied solutions for Insurance Consultants, Insurance Brokerage and Agency companies.

The Insurance Brokerage Software, I.B.S., supports in the best possible way the operations processing needs of size and field-independent insurance brokerage companies.

Being fast, flexible, user-friendly and comprehensive, I.B.S. significantly contributes to companies’ ability to respond to modern business environment requirements.

It includes procedures that contribute to the minimization of response time and ensures the easy and reliable communication between the involved parties (customers, insurance companies, internal and external business partners).

By using I.B.S. you will ensure timely and reliable communication as well as significant improvement of the services’ quality provided by your company.

Moreover, it manages quotations, insurance proposals, insurance contracts, contracts’ documents (new contracts, renewals, and endorsements), liabilities and requirements in a fully organized method thus ensuring additional reliable communication with all involved parties (customer, insurance company and insurance producer).